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VB 136


Juffrouw Ooievaer










Welcome at the internet-site of the Lemsteraak “Juffrouw Ooievaer



This Lemsteraak “Juffrouw Ooievaer” has been built in 1980/1981 by I. Blom & Zn in Hindelopen, ordered by Mr. R.H. Gerschtanowitz. The carpentry work has been completed by “Scherpel Jachtwerf b.v.” in Loosdrecht. The engine is still the original one and has been placed by “Rijsdijks Machinefabriek – L.W. van Ballegooy” in Amsterdam. Nice to mention is that most of the invoices and other relevant documents from Juffrouw Ooievaer are kept in the archive of our beautiful ship.




The very first Lemsteraak has been built in 1876 by the shipyard “De Boer” located in Lemmer. Originally the Lemsteraak was meant to be used as fishing-boat on the “Waddenzee” and the “Zuiderzee” (currently IJsselmeer) and specifically on the part between Friesland and the northern part of Noord-Holland. Fishing for herring was the main objective of the fishermen; however the real fishing of herring was done with herring barges. The Lemsteraak was used for transport and storage of the fish. This was possible due to the covered well on the forward deck. The well could be up to a size of 5 feet. Thanks to its speed, the Lemsteraak was also used for the transport of other (life) fish, mussel seed to Zeeland and mussels from Zeeland to Belgium.


Approximately 30 years later, wealthier people found out that the Lemsteraak was a perfect ship as pleasure yacht. Shipyard “De Boer” built the first yacht in 1907, the Johanna. This Lemsteraak, measuring 8.50 meter (27 feet) is still sailing, now under the name of Orion in a relative original state. The well disappeared and a cabin was built in its place. The owner of the Lemsteraak Orion was navigating with 3 paid resources. Today, the Lemsteraak, especially during regatta sailing, can have up to 10 people on board to ensure quick manoeuvres.








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